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  1099-R-SGL  1099-R Tax Withheld on Distributions
  1099-B  1099-B 2-up Forms
  BR3UP05  1099-R 3-up Recipient Copies B/2/C
  BR4UP05   1099-R Recipient Condensed 4-up
  RS605  1099-R Preprinted Set 2-up 6-part
  1099-A  1099-A 3-up Form
  1099-Q  1099-Q Distribution from Qualified Tuition Program
  MISCS505  1099-MISC Preprinted Set 5-part
  1099-C  1099-C 3-up Forms
  1099-CAP  1099-CAP 3-up Forms
  1099-G  1099-G 3up Forms
  1099-LTC  1099-LTC 3up Forms
  DIVS405  1099-DIV Preprinted Set 4-part
  B1098FED05/B1098PY05/B109  1098 Mortagage Interest Preptd Copy A, B or C
  RS405  1099-R Preptd Set 4pt
  MISCS305  1099 MISC Preptd 3pt Set
  BMISFED05/BMISREC05/BMISP  1099 MISC Preptd Copy A, B, C, 1 or 2
  MISCS405  1099 MISC Preptd Set 4pt
  BAFED05  1099-A Copy A Federal
  4UPPERF05  Blank W2/1099 4 Up Form
  WONEPERFMI05  Blank 1099 MISC 2 Up Form
  B99PERFMI05  Blank 1099 3 Up Form
  9ONEPERF05  Blank 1099 3 Up Form
  B99PERF05  Blank 1099 3 Up Form
  RDWENV05/RDWENVS05  Envelope - 1099MISC/1099R/1099DIV/1099B 2Up Double Window
  42SSWENV05  Envelope - Double Window 1042S
  99DWENV05/99DWENVS05  Envelope - 3up Double Window
  99SWENV05  Envelope - 3up Single Window
  WONEPERF05  Blank W2 1099 2 Up Form
  B109605  1096 Transmittal Form
  DIVS305  1099 DIVS Preptd 3pt Set
  BDIVFED05/BDIVREC05/BDIVP  1099 DIVS Preptd Copy A, B OR C
  INTS305  1099-INT Preptd 3pt Set
  BINTFED05/BINTREC05/BINTP  1099-INT Prepted Copy A, B or C
  80640  W2 - Presure Seal 8 1/2 x 14 4up form
  80349  8 1/2 x 11 Multi-Purpose Blank Form Z Fold
  80014  Blank 1099 Misc 2 Up Form With Instructions
  1099-S  1099-S Proceeds from Real Estate Transactions
  RS805  1099-R Preprinted Set 2-up 8-part
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