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Blank and preprinted laser check features.

Blank and preprinted laser check features.

Security Features

All preprinted and blank check stock (blank laser checks) include one or more of the following security features:


Preprinted Laser checks
Blank Laser checks

Microprint signature lines can only be viewed through a magnifying glass.
A 'Padlock' box contains information on check security features that meet or exceed industry guidelines.
A 'Warning Box' section alerts check handlers of what to look for when accepting checks.
An 'Original Document Screen' verifies the authenticity of the check and is difficult to reproduce.
A pantograph deters attempts at alteration and unauthorized reproduction.

Click 'More Info.' for a particular blank or pre-printed laser check to see which security features are available for that item. These features include.

  1. Warning band: Alerts you that this check has security features.
  2. Void pantograph: Check will clearly display VOID when photocopied.
  3. Microprint: Small type in signature line border or a small line or border on the front, back or both sides of the check which appears as dotted line when photocopied.
  4. Genuine watermark: Genuine watermarks are visible fiber alterations created during the manufacturing of the paper itself.
  5. Artificial watermark: Artificial watermarks are made with ink yet cannot be photocopied.
  6. Chemical reaction: Stains, spots or marks appear when chemically altered or erased.
  7. Invisible fibers: Invisible fibers can be seen when put under a black light.
  8. Visible fibers (small strands of colored paper) are added in the manufacturing of the paper.
  9. Security screen: ORIGINAL DOCUMENT written on the back of check is difficult to photocopy

Tax Forms

Our tax forms are guaranteed to comply with the IRS/SSA. Why pay more to get the same thing? We guarantee your satisfaction and will work hard to earn your business.

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