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Blank 1-up Top Herringbone Laser Check
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Blank 1-up Bottom Herringbone Laser Check - 1 Perforation
Blank 1-up Bottom Herringbone Laser Check - 1 Perforation


Check Colors

Available in increments of 500
Total Percent Off Per Unit
$63.00 30% $0.1260
$90.00 50% $0.0900
$144.00 60% $0.0720
$216.00 70% $0.0540
$594.00 72.5% $0.0495
$1,080.00 75% $0.0450

Use this high quality blank check stock with your accounting software, laser printer and MICR toner to produce complete checks.  Each 8 1/2" x 11" sheet contains 1 bottom check and 1 stub, and is constructed of 24# paper with one perforation at 7 1/2" from the top of the page.  These checks DO NOT include a signature line. Indicate the check color when ordering.

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Blank 1-up Bottom Herringbone Check
Each 8 1/2" by 11" sheet contains 1 bottom check and 2 stubs, constructed of 24 # paper. These laser checks do not include a signature line. There is a 1/2" margin on the bottom of the check for the MICR line. Measuring from the top down, the 1st stub is 3 2/3" high.  The 2nd stub begins at 3 2/3" and is 3 2/3" high,  The check portion begins at 7 1/3" and measures 3 2/3" in height.  Indicate the check color when ordering.  These are blank checks, your software must be able to print MICR encoding.

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