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W2 Condensed 4up V2 Employee B/C/2/2
W2 Condensed 4up V2 Employee B/C/2/2


Available in increments of 25
Total Percent Off Per Unit
$12.00 0% $0.4800
$16.80 30% $0.3360
$28.80 40% $0.2880
$52.80 45% $0.2640
$96.00 50% $0.2400
$102.00 57.5% $0.2040
$126.00 65% $0.1680
$141.60 70.5% $0.1416
$190.80 73.5% $0.1272
$300.00 75% $0.1200
$540.00 77.5% $0.1080
$1,008.00 79% $0.1008

Use the condensed W2 4up to print and mail employee W2 Copies B/C/2/2 (federal/file/state/city). Print each copy on the same sheet, fold and mail. Eliminate separating and collating forms! These 4up forms are preprinted on 20# laser paper. Each  8 ½” x 11” sheet contains 3 horizontal perforations, creating 4 forms.  Order by the number of sheets, one sheet per employee.

Priced by the sheet. We are currently shipping 2023 forms. Image may reflect prior years.
Mail in envelope #4DOWNENV05

The following vendors and/or software providers are shown to utilize this product.

1099-ETC (AMS)
Advantage (AMSI)
Aldebaron Inc (Sympaq)
Burton Software Company Inc
Business Works
Client Ledger System
Competition Software
EG Systems
MAS 200
MAS 90
Newport Wave
PayKwik (Datapak)
PDP Tax Service
Peachtree Accounting
Signature (AMSI)
StarBuilder (AMSI)
State of the Art-Bus Work
State of the Art-MAS 90
Tax Acctg Sys - W2/1099 Filer
Total HR (AMSI)
Townley & Associates
W2 Pro

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Envelope - W2 4-down Double Window
Use this envelope with our 4-down Version 2 W-2 forms. If you’re unsure about compatibility, please request a sample. The security tint and cellophane windows ensure the privacy of information. This envelope is 5 ¾” x 8 ¾”. All W-2 envelopes are constructed of 24# envelope stock.

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