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1099-B 2-up Forms.  Proceeds from Broker Transactions. 

Proceeds from Broker Transactions. The forms are 2 per page.  The sheets are 8 ˝” x 11” with a side perforation and are printed on 20# laser paper. Order the quantity equal to the number of employees for which you need to file.

Use the 1099-B Copy A to print and mail payment information to the IRS. This form is printed with required red scannable ink.

Use the 1099-B Copy B to print and mail payment information to the recipient (payee) for submission with their federal tax return. Mail in envelope #RDWENV05 or #RDWENVS05.

Use the 1099-B Copy C to print and mail payment information to the state or for Payer’s files.

Please select Copy A, B or C when ordering.

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