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Preprinted Laser, Multipurpose Top, Quickbooks format - Unlined
Envelope - 1099MISC/1099R/1099DIV/1099B 2Up Double Window
Blank 1-up Top Herringbone Laser Check
Envelope - Dble Window 3 11/16 x 8 7/8 QB
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Blank W2 4up Form - With Instructions
Blank W2 4up Form - With Instructions


Available in increments of 25
Total Percent Off Per Unit
$10.00 0% $0.4000
$14.00 30% $0.2800
$24.00 40% $0.2400
$44.00 45% $0.2200
$80.00 50% $0.2000
$85.00 57.5% $0.1700
$105.00 65% $0.1400
$118.00 70.5% $0.1180
$159.00 73.5% $0.1060
$250.00 75% $0.1000
$450.00 77.5% $0.0900
$840.00 79% $0.0840

Use this blank 4-up laser paper for printing condensed employee W-2 forms. Laser generate the complete form with Employee Copies B/C/2/2 (federal/file/state/city). Sheets are 8 x 11 with one horizontal and one vertical perforation, creating a form in each quadrant (version #1), and are constructed of 20# laser paper. This 4-up paper includes employee instructions on back. Order by the number of sheets needed, not number of forms. Envelope compatibility depends on your software.

Priced by the sheet. We are currently shipping 2019 forms. Image may reflect prior years.
Usually uses Envelope #4UPDWENV05

The following vendors and/or software providers are shown to utilize this product.

1040 by ATX
1099 Convey
1099-ETC (AMS)
Account Ability
Advantage (AMSI)
Aldebaron Inc (Sympaq)
AME Software
Answers on Demand - Elite
Axium - Ajera
Axium - Protrax
Burton Software Company Inc
Business Works
Certiflex Dimension
Cheque-Mate Intl - Insta-Pay
Christensen Computer Co
Client Ledger System
Competition Software
Construction Partner
CPA Accounting
Creative Solutions Inc
CrossTech Systems
EG Systems
ElectroFile W2 & 1099
Encore (Payroll Assoc)
Executive Data Systems
Information Returns Inc
Interactive Financial Sol
Intuit Master Builder
JAT - Printview Plus
Kintera Fundware
Mangrove - HR20
MAS 200
MAS 90
Medlin Accounting
Midas Systems Corp
Millennium Payroll
Newport Wave
nP Systems-ATF Payroll
Optimal Solutions
Padgett Business Svcs
Paychoice (Payroll Assoc)
Payroll Compan (DOS)
Payroll Compan (Win)
Peachtree Accounting
Phoenix Phive - Industrial
Phoenix Phive - Payroll
Plenary Systems
Plus Software
Pro Tym Systems
ProSystem fx WriteUp
Red Wing Software
Sage Compliance Systems
Shelby Systems Inc
Signature (AMSI)
Software Control
Solomon - All Versions
Spokane - Magfiler
StarBuilder (AMSI)
State of the Art-Bus Work
State of the Art-MAS 90
Tax Acctg Sys - W2/1099 Filer
Tax/Pack W2/1099
Taxware Systems Inc
Total HR (AMSI)
UBCC - Unified Payroll
Ultimate (Ultipro)
W2 Pro
ZLC Software

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1094-C Employer Health Transmittal Forms

1094-C Transmittal Form that must be filed with form 1095-C. This transmittal form has 3 unique pages.

1094-C Page 1  covers parts I & II

1094-C Page 2  covers part III

1094-C Page 3 covers part IV




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ACA Employer Provided Health Insurance 50 or More Employees e-Filing

Use these forms to file the Affordable Care Act for 50 or more employees if you will be e-Filing.

ACA reporting is mandatory for the calendar year and is the responsibility of the employer.

1095-C Employer Provided Health - (landscape style) You may print a copy of this form as a hardcopy of your records if you like.  You may mail a copy of this form to each recipient or you may opt to send them the portrait style form described below (Full Page Recipient Form) Note: This Employer Provided Health form is NOT formatted to fit in a double window envelope.

1095-CCON05 Continuation Page -  (landscape style) Used for individual employees that need more than 6 covered individuals listed on their form. 

1095-C Full Page Recipient Form - B95CFPREC05 - (portrait style) You may use this page to mail to the recipients if not using the landscape style form described above.  You may print a copy of this form as a hardcopy for your records if you like.  If you opt to send this portrait style form, mail it in envelope 95DWENV05/DWENVS05.  Instructions are on the back of the form.

Three 1094-C Transmittal Forms (three copies of all three forms) are included with any order of 1095-C forms -- order additional transmittal forms if three is not enough.


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W3 Transmittal
Use the W-3 laser form to summarize W-2 information for the SSA. You must complete one W-3 form for each employer. Forms are 8 x 11 with no perforations and are required to be preprinted with red scannable ink. Order the quantity equal to the number of employers for which you need to file. Mail with the W-2 Copy A in a batch to the SSA.

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1099 MISC Preptd 3pt Set
1099-MISC FORM CHANGED THIS YEAR (2020 Reporting).  See also the new 1099-NEC Non Employee Compensation forms.  You may need to file the 1099-NEC when in the past you filed 1099-MISC.

Miscellaneous Payments of $600 or more. The 1099-MISC form must be printed in a 2-up format (2 forms per page), instead of the traditional 3-up format due to IRS changes in 2001. This 3-part laser set includes preprinted Copy A (federal, red scannable), Copy B (recipient) and Copy C (payer). All 8 x 11 sheets are printed on 20# laser paper; Copy A has a side perforation and the remaining copies have no side perforation. Print each copy as a batch. Order the quantity equal to the number of recipients for which you need to file, you'll get all the necessary forms. Mail payer copies in a batch to the IRS.

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1096 Transmittal Form
Summary and Transmittal. Use the 1096 form to summarize 1099, 1098 and 5498 information for the IRS. You must complete one 1096 form for each payer. Forms are 8 x 11 with no perforations and are printed with required red scannable ink. Order the quantity equal to the number of payers for which you need to file.

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